Infinity Profile

Infinity Profile


Our company Infinity has a proud tradition in Egypt. For almost Twenty years Infinity has been delivering the latest technology to the Egyptian Market in order to support Infinity's customers with professional guidance on how to optimize their institutions according to the stringent shifts in technology and every day rapid changes.

 The start was in Cairo in 1995 at the hands of Dr. S.L., Prof. of Electronics for 20 years at the Engineering Faculty of Cairo University, which is the oldest and largest university in Egypt to offer a wide range of products of Test, Measurement, Calibration, and Educational Solutions.

 Most of our products were Calibration Systems, Test Equipment required to Various Customers, very high precision instruments for the fields of Metrology institutes, PCB Troubleshooting and Repair Systems, Protection Relay solution for our customer.

 Now we are opening new business units ( Electrical, Scientific, Educational & Biomedical ) besides our products line serves the Market of Test, Measurement, Calibration Systems, Simulation 3D Solutions, Scientific/Analytic Instruments, Education/Business Solutions, Biomedical and Green Energy (Solar, Wind) in Egypt


 In every expansion, Infinity emphasizes three issues:

- Development of products and services

- Future needs in market

- Visions of our products' demands of the future


Our company residence is located in the center of Cairo and has the first 1st floor of a Grand Trading Building located in 5 Messaha square. This location gives us accessibility to be found easily by our customers and offers us accessible contact with various utilities, companies, and factories and Industrial zones in the same time.

 The fact Infinity equipments have been recognized as preferred choice for many famous and long-established constitutions in Egypt including; Electricity Utilities, Industrial Sector,  Petroleum companies, Water Utilities; Cement Industries, Steel Industries, Universities, Technical/High School, Research institute and Large Business Organization.