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    Our products line includes more to provide our Customers with variant complete package in order to keep him not to resort to other different suppliers with different types of services.
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    Don't hesitate to call us to find proper solution for your plant. We are here to help you improve your plant and increase your production quality and quantity.
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About Infinity Egypt ...


Infinity Egypt is an Egyptian Company specialized in Supplying Test, Measurement, Calibration Systems, Simulation 3D Solutions, Scientific/Analytic Instruments, Educational/Business Solutions, Biomedical and Green Energy (Solar, Wind) for the Egyptian Customers.

Infinity Egypt  was established in 1991, since that we are a well known agent of International Manufactures that serves the market of Test, Measurement, Calibration Systems, Simulation 3D Solutions, Scientific/Analytic Instruments, Educational/Business Solutions, Biomedical and Green Energy (Solar, Wind).

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Some of Our Clients

مصر العليا.pngالشركة المصرية لنقل الكهرباء.pngالشركة القابضة.pngالقناة.pngEMAS.pngجنوب القاهرة.pngجنوب الدلتا.pngEGEMAC.pngشمال القاهرة.pngTepco.pngمصر الوسطى.pngTaqa.pngabb.pngالاسكندرية.pngElectro Technique.pngالبحيرة.png

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Ease of use

Life more Ease of use with us


Usability is the ease of use and learnability of a human-made object includes methods of measuring, such as the study of the principles behind an object's perceived efficiency.

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Infinity means accuracy at all


the degree of closeness of measurements of a quantity to that quantity's actual (true) value. The precision of a measurement system related to reproducibility and repeatability

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Customer Service

24 hours customer service


our goal is enhance the level of customer satisfaction  to feeling that our products and services has met your expectationall days with experienced team.

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More Flexibility in Quality


The ability of a quality to make whatever internal changes are necessary to cost effectively vary its output within a certain range and given timeframe.

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Our Suppliers

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