Sensors& Instruments - SURAGUS

Sensors& Instruments - SURAGUS

Sensors& Instruments - SURAGUS

SURAGUS GmbH is a German company that is specialized in providing solutions for nondestructive material testing. We use new technical opportunities and the technical advances in microelectronics, manufacturing and miniaturization technologies and computer technology to develop eddy current testing solutions optimized for our customers’ needs.

The applied eddy current testing technology features a wide frequency range that comprises also very high frequencies. This flexibility in range combined with advanced measuring procedures allows the fast testing of both very low and well conductive materials.

Our testing equipment portfolio comprises portable hand-held devices, table-sized benchtop testing solutions, robot based systems and standard and customized inline-solutions.

Where we come from

SURAGUS is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Society, one of the largest German research organizations. Some members of our team have been working at the research group of Prof. Henning Heuer at Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden (Germany), who has been an important mentor during the founding process.

Since then the company has been growing continuously and now consists of an interdisciplinary team of mechanical and electrical engineers, of mathematicians and physicists and of programmers and business administration specialists.

What is important to us

Our solutions contribute to a sustainable use of resources in various industries. Our solutions for process control and quality assurance support efficient production processes with highest product qualities at high throughput and low scrap rates. Moreover, it is important to us that we offer an inspiring, professional work environment to our staff, which provides freedom for self-actualization as well as security and flexibility for our families.


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Portable Contact Sheet Resistance Tester

EddyCus® TF portable

Call for Price: +202 333 84 831

Non-Contact Sheet Resistance Tester

EddyCus® TF lab 2020 series

Call for Price: +202 333 84 831

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