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Spectrum Instruments - NTMDT

Spectrum Instruments - NTMDT

Over the last 28 years, NT-MDT has been involved in the development, production and support of research instrumentation, primarily, atomic force microscopes (AFM) and its combinations with ultrahigh resolution spectroscopy for nanotechnology and its applications. Our pathway has been marked by the creation of a large number of devices, whose functions and capabilities cover the broad range of customer needs in different areas: university education, academic and industrial research. NT-MDT pioneering efforts led to the impressive combination of scanning probe microscopy with Raman spectroscopy.

NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments is the result of the reorganization of NT-MDT corporate structure to maintain its lead in AFM and AFM – nano-Raman/IR.  In the new form, NT-MDT’s businesses are represented by companies in Russia, Europe, USA and China

NT-MDT S.I. latest developments:

  • High throughput and fully automated AFM VEGA with 200 mm wafer holder;
  • NTEGRA Nano IR system – integration of high resolution AFM and IR interferometer that provides less than 10 nm spacial resolution;
  • NTEGRA Spectra II – a new generation of fully automated system that combines high resolution AFM and confocal Raman spectrometer with high spectral resolution. Low thermal drift and stability of this system enable Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering mode for tens of nanometers in optical resolution;
  • NEXT II – fully automated AFM/STM system with the widest range of AFM modes available on the market;
  • Solver Pipe II – the only AFM in the world that allows to run non-destructive tests of materials in the field and factories.

Key features of our AFMs:

  • The widest range of AFM modes delivered in standard configurations 
  • The highest level of automation, including but not limited to: self-testing, automated configuration for each AFM mode, laser alignment, tuning of scanning parameters, etc...
  • Lowest thermal drift

We are also proud to deliver to our customer’s one the best after sales technical and applications support, in comparison to other manufacturers worldwide.

Customer, Technology, Integrity – this is the foundation of our company that helps us to be a leader in nanoscale analysis worldwide for decades.

"Over the last 25 years, we achieved spectacular results with NT-MDT team, by developing and manufacturing superior AFM systems for labs all over the word. As scientific community demands more and more comprehensive systems to explore nano-world, we decided to reorganize structure of our company into the NT‑MDT Spectrum Instruments Group to expand our capabilities. This will help us to expand wide range of AFM modes, such as quantitative nano-mechanical, electrical and other measurements with methods of vibrational spectroscopy (nano-Raman, IR, s-SNOM and other). As the leader in Atomic Force Microscopy for the decades, we strive to deliver cutting edge technology systems to our customers and bring their labs to a new research level ".

Honorary President of NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments Group
The founder of NT-MDT Bykov V.A

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AFM - Raman – SNOM- TERS

NTEGRA Spectra II with the help of Tip Enhanced Raman Scattring (TERS) allows carrying out spectroscopy/microscopy with nanometer scale resolutin

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Modular AFM

NTEGRA Aura understands the importance of reliable and efficient control and will create the perfect conditions for your experiment, according to your design, leaving you free to concentrate on science and masterful results.

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Automated AFM

Easy to use technology enabling multile SPM modes and delivering world class performance

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Practical AFM

Atomic Force Microscope for Research & Education.

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